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Jody Team, CFP®

I have been this industry long enough that I have experienced a couple of bear and bull markets. I have seen and worked with hundreds of clients in their planning situations. I started Team Financial Strategies out of a desire to serve and felt that my talents were best suited in financial planning. I love that this firm has helped so many people and I look forward to seeing how we can help so many more.

Why have you chosen a career in financial planning?

When I came into this field, it seemed that so many people were being sold products but few were actually receiving quality advice. I had a desire to be part of that change in the community of people around me. That change is happening. When I am able to help a client in their situation, the blessing is mine as much as it is theirs.

What types of clients do you serve?

As time has gone by, I have worked with a number of different clients in various careers and stages of life. I really enjoy getting to learn a new situation and figure out a solution. I work with other planners in our firm on their client situations. I love to work with families that are still in the building phase as well as those trying to figure out how to stop working as much. I also work with independent contractors, small business owners, and employees/staff from local universities.

Give an example of a way you have helped a client.

The times that I remember the best are when we have been able to look at a situation differently to come up with a better result for the client. One specific example comes to mind where a client was deciding when to receive a pension, now or later. In just looking at that pension, it made sense to the client’s tax advisor to wait to take the pension. As we looked at the entire plan, we realized that this money could be used to pay off the remaining balance on the client’s home and potentially allow them to retire years earlier. The client followed this plan and gets to enjoy a paid off mortgage.

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