Blake Marion, CPA

Blake graduated from Texas A&M University in 2007 with a Bachelor of Business Administration in Accounting and a Master of Science in Finance. His professional career started in public accounting working as an auditor in the Assurance Services group for Ernst & Young, which is where he earned his CPA license. His time at Ernst & Young provided him with the fundamentals necessary to pursue a position in financial reporting at Hudson Advisors, the management company for the private equity group Lone Star Funds. After three years at Hudson Advisors, he was offered the opportunity to transition into consulting services and became involved with the corporate restructuring of Hooper Holmes, a life insurance services company. After helping Hooper Holmes develop and implement a reorganization plan, he had time to re-evaluate his overall career aspirations and decided to make the move to Team Financial Services as a financial advisor.

Why have you chosen a career in financial planning?

I’ve always had a strong desire to help people, whether physically, spiritually or financially. Through my natural attraction to details and numbers, along with my education and professional experiences, I found the financial planning realm to be best suited for my attributes. Helping clients put their minds at ease from a financial standpoint, regardless of their stage in life, has been my most rewarding professional experience.

What types of clients do you serve?

I serve a wide range of clients. They include clients just starting the building blocks of their retirement, clients transitioning into retirement, and those enjoying retirement. I enjoy serving clients at all stages of life and strive to constantly provide a wealth of growing knowledge to them.

Give an example of a way you have helped a client.

The unexpected loss of a beloved one is an unfortunate situation that often affects many families. On multiple occasions, I’ve had the opportunity to assist families experiencing this circumstance. From providing a complete listing of assets, determining valuations, and providing processes for moving forward, I do my best to walk these clients through the probate process and explain each step along the way. I thoroughly enjoy giving families unbiased opinions and suggestions throughout the entire process as well as helping establish new estate plans moving forward.

Meet with an Advisor

We have two styles of management based on the needs and contract with the clients.

Wealth Management Portfolios: For our clients signed up for our “Wealth Management” service, we tailor their portfolio to their needs using investments from various asset classes including options for hedging and enhancing the portfolio. Our investment team considers Macro risks and the client’s advisors consider the individual risk reward profile of the client to build out and manage the individual portfolio.

Wealth Builder Portfolios: For our clients signed up for our “Wealth Builder” service our investment team focuses on building portfolios for long term growth while still taking into consideration the clients risk/reward profile. For this service our investment team manages models by selecting mutual funds and percentages of a portfolio to be invested in each fund for a risk reward profile. Then advisors can assign the investments to each client and the portfolio will remain invested and rebalanced based on our team’s parameters on a regular basis.

Active vs Passive: Our philosophy leans toward active management but we feel that this should not be a choice of style that an investor must pick. We believe there are definitely times and opportunities where active managers provide a lot of value to a portfolio in various areas of the market and there are also times where passively investing in an index is difficult to beat. With that said, even deciding the allocation of passive investments is an active management decision. It is also an active decision to keep some money in cash. Investing involves decision making. Our goal is to help the client make the best decision possible for their portfolio at a given time based on the information we have for them.

Our team of professionals spans many years of experience in a multitude of areas that are covered in wealth management. For our wealth management clients, we want to help you look at the areas of your financial life where we can make the most difference. Therefore, we take a comprehensive approach looking into various areas of your finances and making recommendations in areas such as tax planning, risk management, generational planning, and retirement planning strategies.

Need help keeping up with your business finances? Would you like a team to work with that can help you make informed and guided decisions? Our business planning team can help you make sure you are keeping up with the essentials while planning for the future. There are specific advantages for business owner’s finances with good decision making.

Have you been appointed as the Executor/Executrix of an estate? Our team has assisted clients with the settlement of an estate on many occasions. This area is one that can have many hurdles and pitfalls. Our experience in assisting clients can be used to your benefit. If you are the executor of an estate, we can work with you through this process to make sure it is done in a way that can save you time, money and stress. If you would like to discuss these services with our team, click here to make an appointment and put “Estate Assistance” in the “Additional background information” field.

Since opening Team Financial Strategies in April of 2005 we have developed sound investment management strategies that we manage within client portfolios and for institutional investors. For a brief description of each strategy click here. To inquire further, please contact our investment team at 325-480-1587.