Why Texas

Texas continues to be a hot-spot for business and overall economic growth in the nation according to the Texas State Comptroller and the US Bureau of Economic Analysis. The Comptroller’s 2011 estimates noted that Texas would rank as the 14th largest economy in the world if compared to the the GDP of all countries. The numbers compiled by the US Bureau of Economic Analysis show that Texas grew real GDP by 13% from 2009 to 2012. In 2012, Texas was 2nd to only North Dakota with GDP growth of 4.8% (See the map below showing state by state GDP growth from the U.S. Bureau of Economic Analysis). This is tremendous news for businesses that have been able to thrive in the state and it appears that this trend will continue.

If you live in Texas you generally know firsthand about the importance of business and economic growth and the opportunity it represents in our state. Even if you do not reside in our state, you may generally understand the important global role that Texas plays in the overall business and economy as a whole.

Team Financial Strategies has developed an investment strategy that seeks to take advantage of this potential opportunity for business growth centered in Texas. The strategy invests in a cross-section of the Texas economy by investing in companies of all sizes and various sectors.  There is a weighting to small and mid-sized companies in order to capture more “local” growth.

Based on our research and analysis, we believe that companies in Texas are primed for future growth as the state population continues to grow and that Texas will take center stage in the US energy production boom.  Under this umbrella, we are of the view that Texas provides our investment team with a great basket of companies to choose from to create a strong long term investment strategy.

This site contains selected material from other sources that provide insight into the stability of the state of Texas’s government, tax structure, growth in business and jobs growth, demographics, and labor costs. These are all important factors that we believe support our long-term view regarding the business and growth prospects for Texas.

If you would like to hear more about Texas, why we think it has long term investment potential, and opportunities to invest, please feel free to contact us at 325-480-1587 or 817-573-8326.

We have two styles of management based on the needs and contract with the clients.

Wealth Management Portfolios: For our clients signed up for our “Wealth Management” service, we tailor their portfolio to their needs using investments from various asset classes including options for hedging and enhancing the portfolio. Our investment team considers Macro risks and the client’s advisors consider the individual risk reward profile of the client to build out and manage the individual portfolio.

Wealth Builder Portfolios: For our clients signed up for our “Wealth Builder” service our investment team focuses on building portfolios for long term growth while still taking into consideration the clients risk/reward profile. For this service our investment team manages models by selecting mutual funds and percentages of a portfolio to be invested in each fund for a risk reward profile. Then advisors can assign the investments to each client and the portfolio will remain invested and rebalanced based on our team’s parameters on a regular basis.

Active vs Passive: Our philosophy leans toward active management but we feel that this should not be a choice of style that an investor must pick. We believe there are definitely times and opportunities where active managers provide a lot of value to a portfolio in various areas of the market and there are also times where passively investing in an index is difficult to beat. With that said, even deciding the allocation of passive investments is an active management decision. It is also an active decision to keep some money in cash. Investing involves decision making. Our goal is to help the client make the best decision possible for their portfolio at a given time based on the information we have for them.

Our team of professionals spans many years of experience in a multitude of areas that are covered in wealth management. For our wealth management clients, we want to help you look at the areas of your financial life where we can make the most difference. Therefore, we take a comprehensive approach looking into various areas of your finances and making recommendations in areas such as tax planning, risk management, generational planning, and retirement planning strategies.

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